Puffinbilly Song

Hello and welcome,

This will be a start to many pages in which I will make an attempt to
chronicle the Strand Family as I know it from my perspective and that
of Patty. My wonderful wife of over 40 years.

I'd also like to dedicate this web site to my father "ROBERT JAMES
(BOB) STRAND" who passed away March 3, 2004.  This web site was
originally started on his e-Mac which he bought new just before his
passing. He was also the driving force in building my first hydo shown

Please feel free to explore all the links on the left and within the web sites.
Some are not complete as yet. Somehow they seem to take longer to build
than one would first think.


ScatCat Hydro

Here I am in about 1965 in my Scat Cat Hydro just in front of our
dock on Bottlebay. George Laue paced me one day in his Criscraft
and clocked me doin' just shy of 50 MPH. Mom was never to thrilled
when I took 'er out for a spin. I don't know why. After all....As you
  can see.....I was wearing all the latest safety gear known back
               then as a "ski belt"                

Since the Christmas Season is near I thought you might like some
christmas poems.......music......and a little trivia.
START HERE  with "The Night Before Christmas"
A legal version of course. Be sure and follow all
the live links on the pages........Enjoy

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